Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Great deal on a summer reading Romance bundle!!

Greetings, everyone! 
Is it hot enough yet?  Here in Northern California, we got into the triple digits last week. Ugh.. too hot for this old gal.  I stayed in the AC and read! There's nothing better than grabbing some iced tea and losing myself in another time and place with a romance that makes me smile and a story that inspires my soul. 

Which is why I want to let you know about a great summer reading bundle, which is being offered at a great price, but only for a limited time!

There are FIVE FULL Length novels in this E-Bundle for the extremely low price of  $3.99!!  That's less than the price of a single book.  Honestly, even if you enjoyed only one or two of the books, it would be worth the price. However, I'm positive you will LOVE all the books. (Not only because mine is included. LOL)  But because I've read two of the others and loved them, and because I know the other authors and they are great. 

Order now from AMAZON

What sets this bundle apart is the deep romance and great spiritual messages in each book. I know you're going to love all the stories. Think of the many hours of summer enjoyment you'll have for only 3.99!! 

Here's more about the bundle and the stories 

Lose yourself, heart and soul, in five of the best romantic stories on the inspirational market. Spanning the 1600’s to present day, these novels will not only make your heart beat a little faster, but they will inspire you, uplift your spirit, and draw you closer to the One who will never leave you. Written by five best-selling, award-winning authors, this limited-time collection will take you on a journey you won’t soon forget and will leave you with a smile on your lips, joy in your spirit, and a song in your heart.

Love’s Every Whisper by Naomi Rawlings (best-selling author)
Lake Superior, 1883. Victoria Donnelly has finally found a way to redeem herself in the eyes of her family, but it requires returning to the small town of Eagle Harbor, where forgotten feelings for a man she can never have lie buried. Can she face her childhood sweetheart again without destroying both their hearts?

A Light in the Window by Julie Lessman (award-winning author)
Boston, 1895. One Woman. Two Men. One stirs her pulse, the other her faith. But who will win her heart? Marceline Murphy, a gentle beauty with a well-founded aversion to rogues, catches the eye of two of Boston’s most notorious. Patrick O’Connor and Sam O’Rourke are best friends with a bond like brothers … until they meet one woman neither can have.

The Reckoning by MaryLu Tyndall (award-winning and best-selling author)
When Morgan Shaw hid on a tall ship replica in present-day San Diego, her intent was to avoid the guy who had just dumped her, not wake up aboard a real pirate ship 300 years in the past. Now, she must face her cancer without treatment, avoid falling in love with a notorious pirate, and try to get home before she changes the course of history forever.

Running on Empty by Ruth Logan Herne (multi-published, best-selling author)
Present day, New York State. Chief of Police Joe McIntyre takes his position seriously. A lead-by-example Christian, he's put to the test when his ex-wife appears with another man's child after eight years of silence. Anger and pride challenge his small-town-hero existence, driving him out of his comfort zone. Faced with choices he made eight years before, can he tackle the present to ease Anne's future so she's no longer "Running on Empty"?

Kept by Sally Bradley (award-winning author)
Present day, Chicago. Can a woman with a messy past find love with a good man? A contemporary Christian classic along the lines of Redeeming Love, Kept won the won the 2014 Grace Award and the 2014 Christian Manifesto Lime Award, both for romantic fiction.

Happy Reading everyone and stay cool!!



  1. Sounds like a great read. Off to get them and thanks for letting us know!

  2. I've only read your book. The others look good.