Monday, June 20, 2016

Book Recommendations, Oh, My!

Book recommendation time!

Elizabeth Goddard here.

Wow, I've read so many great books lately, which ones do I recommend? I'd love to recommend them all.

I'm on a romantic suspense kick right now, which makes perfect sense, since that's what I write. But I read widely- -historical, fantasy, and yeah, even science fiction at times. One of my favorite series of all time is a science fiction series by Kathy Tyers--Firebird Trilogy. In fact, telling you about it right now makes me want to read it again, so I'll just go ahead and recommend that to you. See, it's science fiction for the Christian market.

Firebird, the first book was published with Bantam Books in 1987, then rereleased with Bethany House. The books in the series are good, clean reads with a strong spiritual, allegorical thread. Firebird, Fusion Fire, and Crown of Fire. Then later in 2011 and 2012 she finished the series with Wind and Shadow (which I had the amazing privilege of endorsing!)  and Daystar.  If you're not a science fiction reader, per se, let me reassure you that this romance series is one of the absolute best. I absolutely LOVED the romance, and of those readers to whom I've recommended this series, quite a few of them have reread the series, just as I have. It's that good.

Now as to my recent reads, I'm seriously loving the first book in Susan May Warren's Montana Fire series, Where's There's Smoke. This is a whole new series and closely linked to her Montana Fire series releasing in the fall. If you love romance, action and adventure, then this is a series for you. Since that's what I write too, no wonder I'm loving these stories!

From the Back Cover:

She’s a smokejumper afraid of fire…

Kate Burns is a legendary smoke jumper, known for her courage and willingness to risk everything to get the job done. Only she has a secret, one she won’t admit to anyone.

He can’t forget the love they once shared…

Supervisor Jed Ransom commands the Jude County Smoke Jumpers with a reputation as a calm, level-headed leader. Kate is the only one who’s ever gotten under his skin. 

They must face the flames together…

A raging wildfire in the mountains of Montana brings Kate and Jed together to train up a new team of jumpers. Suddenly, they must face the past they’ve been running from and the secrets that keep them apart. When an arsonist goes after their team, Kate and Jed must face their deepest fears—and learn to rely on each other as they fight a blaze that could destroy them all.

In this first book of the Montana Fire: Summer of Fire trilogy, Kate and Jed are about to discover that where there’s smoke, there just might be a chance to start again.

Now, onto my next recommendation. 

Another great series you don't want to miss is Susan Sleeman's Agents Under Fire series. Now this girl can write FBI. She knows her law enforcement procedures better than anyone I know, and exactly how to increase the tension in a romantic suspense.

Here's the blurb from the first book.

A nightmare come true . . .

Years ago, a fifteen-year-old girl was abducted by a monster. Although she managed to escape, her tormenter was never caught. So the girl was given a new home, a new name . . . and the determination to save other foster kids from suffering similar horrors.

FBI Agent Becca Lange is in the middle of a credit card fraud investigation when she's faced with her worst nightmare: a serial killer, van Gogh--given the name because he removed his victims' ears--has resurfaced. Back in the nineties, van Gogh tortured, then killed several young foster girls. Becca was almost one of them.

Over the years, Becca's been keeping her own investigation going. So when the police come to her for help, she's more than ready to do what it takes to put van Gogh behind bars--even if it means working with Connor Warren, the easy-going cop whose attentions she's been avoiding. Connor is too charming, too good-looking, too . . . tempting. He makes Becca want things she can never have. And might never have . . .

Because van Gogh isn't finished with Becca yet. He's been searching for her all these years. And now that he's found her, he's got a plan to keep her . . . forever.

The third book, Web of Secrets, just released this May so you have some catching up to do if you haven't read these!

I hope these recommendations will keep you busy. So many books, so little time. . . .

Elizabeth Goddard.


  1. I'm reading where's there's smoke and the other two sound great, especially Susan Sleeman's.

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  3. I also have read Where There's Smoke, but these others sound good also. My son says that when he finishes a book, he is thrilled with so many possibilities of what to read next. I agree! My TBR seems to be endless..."so many books, so little time..."