Monday, June 20, 2016

Encouragement by Cheryl Wyatt

Hello everyone! Sorry this is late going up today. I just got home from traveling and my internet connection was glitchy. Today I wanted to not only encourage you, but talk about encouragement in general. I've had a few people tell me that I'm gifted in encouragement, or that something I've said profoundly encouraged them during a difficult season. That meant so much to me, it humbled me and it also surprised me. After all, I'm very shy and it takes enormous courage and effort for me to even speak up and say anything around others. I'm a little better one on one, but I always feel self-conscious when I speak. Then I usually end up talking too much simply because I'm nervous.

Can anyone relate? Or do you feel comfortable conversing with others? 

One reason I'm thankful that God may have gifted me with encouragement is because I'm a writer. I can write far better than I can speak, and so my writing, even fiction, gives me an outlet to encourage others. Who doesn't want or need to be encouraged? I certainly do. Especially when the words seem to come straight from the heart of God and touch on things I'm going through in my life that the person wouldn't necessarily know without God giving them insight. This makes me feel like God is hugging me through the words of others.

We all have gifts from God. Do you know yours? If so, what are they? How well do your gifts complement each other? For example, compassion and encouragement go well together, as do wisdom and encouragement and mercy and encouragement.

Life is hard sometimes and circumstances, hurts or disappointments can bring us down. Our hearts desperately need to hear something positive, something uplifting, something encouraging.

What are your gifts in this area? Everyone is capable of speaking kind words to another. What gift or gifts do you have, or what gifts have people said you have, that pair well with encouragement? 

Has there been a time when words from a friend or family member helped you significantly in some way? Who in your life has been your greatest source of encouragement? What did they say to lift your spirits or help you soar? 

I hope you'll share a little of yourself today. Bless you all for being a part of our blog. That in and of itself is encouraging to us. Your presence is a blessing and we appreciate your time and friendship!


Cheryl Wyatt


  1. Cheryl, I'm also an encourager, but I love to talk to people. I'm one of those rare extroverted writers. :-) And I believe we have many of the spiritual gifts, but gifted strongly in one in particular. Surprisingly I've never discovered exactly what my main gift is. I've done the studies and taken the tests, but I score pretty evenly in five or six.

    Enjoyed the post and hope you get rested and your internet gets unglitchy.

    1. Howdy, Patricia! I can definitely see that encouragement is one of your gifts. I think the same way you do about the gifts, that we have multiple ones, but one strong one. I'm not sure what my main one is either, because through the years, the outcome changed drastically when I took the tests at church. LOL! Either my gift changed, or I have. LOL! Makes me wonder if certain gifts surge at different times in our lives depending on what those around us need at the time. Not sure. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your comments and input. :-)

  2. I am a prayer warrior...I volunteer for the Guideposts OurPrayer program. They have an online prayer request forum, where people can post prayer requests...some email requests. Me and other Personal Prayer Volunteers read these requests, then we write out prayers and send them back to those people. This is something that I can do from the comfort of my own home.