Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What would mean the most to you?

Hello! Cheryl Wyatt here. 

I thought for my first solo post, I'd put some feelers out in terms of what you'd like to see from me/us post-wise. 

For instance, you may love visiting blogs where the author shares personal stuff about life and family.

Or perhaps you just like to know what the author is up to writing-wise. 

Maybe you'd love to hear the authors hobbies, or cool recipes the author likes and shares. 

What about insight into upcoming books, or updates on an author's current work in progress? 

Maybe you'd love to have the chance to win gifts or books.

Or it could be that you really love free short stories posted in snippets on a blog by your favorite author. 

Could be that you enjoy seeing photo snapshots of the author's writerly and or family events. 


I know I'm barely skimming the surface of suggestions. 

So this post is not only me asking for your input, it's an opportunity for me to let you know that I'd LOVE to get to know all of you as well. I absolutely love interacting with readers and aspiring writers. 
That you let us into your lives is a blessing as well as let us into yours. Social media blogging is a really great way to engage and build forever friendships. 

So, I'd LOVE to know...what types of blog posts would you like to see from me? 

Thank you so much for sharing,

Cheryl Wyatt


  1. When I was first bit by the writing bug, I wanted to know everything about my favorite authors. I love to hear their journey to publication, craft books that were helpful, roadblocks, where ideas are generated, their personal likes and dislikes etc. One of my favorite things is to see pictures of their writing spaces. I love that! Thanks for asking, Cheryl.

  2. Love your memes! I like to know what the author is up to.

  3. Hi, Cheryl! I like to get to know the author, to find if we have anything in common, like snow! (I'm praying for a lot of snow, and I'll share it with you, Cheryl!) As an unpublished author, I like to know the resource books you've found helpful. Finding out what books you like and have read, suggestions for reader input I like a lot (and will have to remember to use for my books, in case they ever get published), how a story came to be, if the characters are based off anybody you know, photos of the author's life and family life and events to get a personal glimpse of the author as a person, what prayer requests the author has to pray for them and encourage them.

  4. Jill, those are wonderful suggestions! Thank you. Good luck with your writing! Keep us posted on your progress, okay? We'll be cheering you on.


  5. Thank you, Patricia! I appreciate that. I purchase the photos from a stock site then use Picmonkey to design them. They have free tutorials and I've learned a lot. Plus, the monkey winks, which is extra fun! ;-) Thanks for your input. Much appreciated!

  6. Sally, that is fantastic insight. Thank you so much. Your prayers and friendship are such a blessing and I love, love, love that we're snow buddies! Thank you for coming by. Love ya!

  7. Hey Cheryl.....I'd say all of the above. I really like it when things get mixed up a bit, keeping it fresh.

  8. Great post idea, Cheryl! I hope people continue to give us feedback about what they'd like to see from our blog!

  9. I like learning what an author is working one and info one upcoming books. Also what they are up to. I also like the idea of meme's where the author may put up some things like what she likes and the reader then will post in the comments there likes for the same questions.

    Also with a book coming our an interview with a character can be cool.

    1. Really great ideas, Jenny. Thank you so much!