Thursday, November 12, 2015

On Creativity: My New Hobby

Elizabeth Goddard here.

Do you ever think to yourself that you'd like to be more creative? You'd like to learn how to craft something? Paint with oils? Or maybe you want to learn to play the cello or how to bake artisan bread. There are a kazillion ways to be creative out there. Maybe you just haven't found the time. You want to write the great American novel and you can't find time to do that either. 

I haven't written the GAN, but I have written a few romance novels. The thing is, I want to be creative in more ways than one. So my mantra in finding time to do the things you want to do is like the Nike marketing campaign: 

Just Do It.

I've wanted to learn how to knit for years, so finally, I took the class.

I know other of my fellow bloggers are serious knitters, well, at least one of you (waving to Camy Tang). I have long wanted to be creative outside of writing. I’ve dreamed of all the items I could create—blankets, scarves, hats, etc.—while watching movies with my boys. Maybe I always have to be doing something with my hands. I don't know. If I’m not writing, then I can be creating something.

And that’s what it’s all about. Creativity. Think about it. We are created by a Creator and in His image so we have His DNA. It’s only natural that you and I want to create.

But as I was working on my first knitting project, a scarf for my son, I couldn’t help but get impatient. After all, we live in a microwave society—everything is instant. We want it all and right now. I want my scarf this second. I want that blanket I’m imagining in my head to be done in an hour.

The truth is, beautiful things can take time to create.

So I encouraged myself with the idea that knitting is like writing. It might take me time to make that blanket and one day it’ll be big enough to wrap around me, but the blanket can only be made one stitch, one row, at a time.

That’s how it is with writing a novel. Fifty thousand words or one hundred thousand words. Take your pick. Both novels get there the same way—one word at a time.

So whether I’m writing a word at a time, sentence, paragraph, a page and then 250 or 500 pages, it all starts in the same place.

That first word.

That first stitch.

That first step. 

The next second is the first second of the rest of your life.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Now, go create something. And let me know what you come up with!

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Many Blessings!


  1. Whether it's one word at a time, or one stitch at a time, creating takes patience.
    Kudos to you both for knitting that scarf, Beth. I've heard knitting is very relaxing. I've yet to be convinced of that. I get completely frustrated trying to thread a needle to sew a button.

  2. LOL. I understand. I usually get stressed when I'm doing meticulous tasks, but I keep envisioning this scarf, and a couple of blankets.

  3. I don't knit or daughter crochets amazingly well. She has an Etsy shop and has recently been added to the Homemade section on Amazon. I enjoy papercrafts and cross stitch......not counted, my eyes can't do that anymore. I used to do some pretty intricate pictures in cross stitch, but now I just make stamped cross stitch baby quilts for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. Recently, I have been enjoying those adult coloring books......very relaxing. :-)

    1. Debbie, that sounds fun! I have a good friend who was creating those coloring books before they became popular, ad of course, a big publisher picked her up. Saw her stuff on Etsy. Thought that was cool. As an aside, my husband is a potter!

  4. I use to crochet but due to losing my vision(macular) I am unable to . I like to think I am creative and tried painting, ceramics,writing,and my new quest is to buy a table top Harp and self teach myself. Will it happen-- we will see.
    I am doing a self taught Bible study on Revelations. I have a notebook, 2 Bibles, commentary,my IPad and some days only get through a few verses. When I come across something that I want to dig deeper I spend time doing research on it. For instance- the woman in the desert that the beast was after-- and she was sent away to a place God had prepared for her. My thought was --Petra. Was it? Maybe .
    My other passion is finding a verse and posting it on FaceBook and personalizing it and writing about it. My other passion is traveling and spending time with my family. 5 children, 10 grandkids and 8 great grandkids.
    I love meeting new authors and I will - I promise - read each new book from y'all ( my Bostonian accent).
    Blessings to you Beth

    1. Hi Elsie!

      Well sounds like you have many ideas on how to be creative. I applaud you. Whatever works, right? I hope you enjoy the books!

  5. Many years ago my best friend, who was also my roommate at the time, would spend hours knitting - it seemed to relax her after a shift in the ER. She made me an enormous knitted blanket that covers a full size bed. That was 42 years ago and I still have this blanket. So know that your creativity will be cherished by whomever you chose to gift it to. My hobby (as well as my profession) is cooking - I just love to read a recipe and then start "tweaking" it - makes my creative juices start bubbling - I think Tamara Leigh is also a cooking enthusiast - she does post some "scrumpdelicious" recipes!! There is an old-fashioned needle art called "tadding" that I would love to learn. I've bought some beautiful tadded ornaments. It's a very delicate, lacy type of needle work - so intricate and detailed - it's just lovely. So I need to get that "DO IT" mentality and find someone to teach me! Thanks for the push Beth - and you keep knitting - I can hear those needles clicking - lol!

    1. Yep. Needles clicking. LOL And you know that's just what I'm thinking is t hat I'll make beautiful blankets for gifts that people can actually use and cherish. And I love cooking too, and also love baking bread.

    2. Aww, thanks, Pam. My cooking has been on the back burner for a while, but I'm hoping to get back into it with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner.

  6. I'm so glad you're knitting! It took me a while to learn since I'm a slow learner, but now that I've been knitting for a few years, I can do both easy projects and more challenging ones. I like the easy ones mostly because I can knit without looking at it, so I knit while I'm in front of the TV, and recently I got my pastor's permission to knit while I'm sitting at church. It helps me focus on the sermons!

  7. As a knitter of 13 years, all I can say is keep it up! It will get easier. I remember my first project: I broke down in tears of frustration many times. My second project (a scarf) kept getting bigger...sideways instead of length I had to take it out and do it again. Today, however, I have done cabling (twisted knitting) and intarsia (knitting with multiple colors). It gets easier, but I refuse to keep to easy projects...apparently. Challenges are what make life not boring. Thank you for your post. It made me smile today.