Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Book Recommendation: Time for Love by Melinda Curtis

Hi Everyone, Danica Favorite here, and I'm sharing a book recommendation with you today. As I've mentioned previously, life has been crazy for me lately, so I haven't gotten a chance to read the way I would like. So, I'm recommending a book from last summer: Time for Love by Melinda Curtis.

About the Book:
A fresh start—for both of them 
As a kid from a shattered family, Kathy Harris couldn't wait to get out of Harmony Valley. Yet here she is, back home, determined to rebuild her life and regain her young son's trust. But she doesn't expect to work miracles—unlike Dylan O'Brien, the enigmatic cowboy rumored to be a healer of misfit horses.
As they work to save an injured colt, Kathy starts to believe in a future with Dylan that she never thought possible. But one of Kathy's new rules is no more secrets…and Dylan has a big one. One that could destroy the life he and Kathy are building together.

What I loved about this book:
I'll admit that I can be really judgemental about parents who aren't there for their kids. I was pretty sure I wasn't going to like Kathy, because even though she'd turned her life around, I was really angry that she would leave her kid. But, as I read the book and saw her trying, it made me realize that she'd made her decision thinking she was doing the best she could for him. It also gave me insight into what it's like to live with addiction and try to overcome it. I realized that her son was her motivation for overcoming her addiction. It was such an interesting look into people living with addiction and how they handle it.

All that sounds like it was a deep read, but there were so many light and touching moments that it ended up being a very easy read, and it wasn't until afterward that I realized just how it shifted some of my thoughts and perceptions.

What have you been reading this summer? 


  1. I loved this story. Mel is such a good writer!

    1. She really is!! I'm so glad I picked it up!

  2. Sounds good. I've had the pleasure of reading MaryLu Tyndall's upcoming release She Walks in Power....and it's FANTASTIC! I also read a couple of books for Barbour Publishing...A Different Beautiful by Courtney Westlake and Praying for the Cure by Mary J. Nelson...both great books.