Monday, December 28, 2015

When Holidays are Hard by Cheryl Wyatt

Good morning everyone. I hope all of you had a wonderful time with your loved ones at Christmas. This year was a little easier on our family than the past two years, because we'd just lost my grandmother one year, then the other the next year right before Christmas. Moods were definitely dampened, and yet we were all keenly more aware of the gift of having one another as opposed to things.

This year it felt easier to get into the Christmas spirit and we found ourselves laughing more than crying as we told stories of my grandmothers from Christmases past. How about you? Have you faced a loss or are you enduring a hardship that makes the holidays hard on you?

I hope you will let us know so we can lift you up. Prayer is a gift that I'm enormously grateful to both have and receive. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your struggle in the comment section, please feel free to request prayer at

Jesus is the best gift of all, and I love that he left us examples of how and what to pray. Not just The Lord's Prayer, but also prayers like his prayer in John Chapter 17. That prayer was meant for not only his immediate disciples, but also for his future disciples...which is and you if you believe.

Having a hard time with Christianity? I pray a special touch from God this season that will last forever. God isn't finished with your story. He wrote himself into it and I pray you open your heart to all he is and all he has for you, including hope that will never fade or die. His love for you is not dependent on what you do or don't do and his peace is life-changing and his hope everlasting.

I pray for you this year the gift of knowing Him. Of knowing Jesus as Lord, Savior, Friend, Spouse, Confidant, Provider, Healer, Wisdom-giver, Lavish Mercy-maker, Loving Father, Comforter, Hope-giver, Peacemaker, Powerful King, Joy-infuser, Victory-maker, Hurt-taker, Burden-carrier, Chin-lifter, Heart-healer, Lie-dissolver, Encourager and the million other things he is and does.

May you go into the new year knowing him more intimately and more accurately than ever. He loves you. My gift is to tell you that and to pray with all my heart that you know it, share it, show it.

Love you all,
Cheryl Wyatt


  1. Beautiful post, Cheryl. I'm happy the holidays are easier for your family this year. It's fun to remember and tell stories about those who are no longer with us.
    I can't imagine a day or even an hour without prayer.

  2. It is hard to enjoy any holiday just after losing a loved one. Time does heal wounds and remembering loved ones with stories is a great way to honor them. Many blessings to you in the New Year.

  3. Thank you, Debbie and Jill! Happy New Year to all!

  4. I found after reading a book on grief which was really helpful that for occasions like Christmas starting a new tradition can be helpful. I started a small Christmas village something mum would never have wanted but it was something I had always loved. It helped as I had something to enjoy for that first Christmas. I was alone again this year but I didn't feel lonely I watched a couple of really good Christmas DVD's (Christian ones). I am also on new medication which is causing a lot of fatigue so had a couple of naps.

    Remembering the good times is always nice to do. Hope you have a wonderful new year.